That was the thing. You never got used to it, the idea of someone being gone. Just when you think it’s reconciled, accepted - someone points it out to you, and it just hits you all over again, that shocking.
Sarah Dessen, The Truth About Forever (via versteur)

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When a loved one passes away, think on the bright side, they aren’t suffering through the pain anymore, their in a better place.
A little quote by me, this is for my Great Grandpa who passes away (via thisrealitylife)

Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One


While death is just a part of life there are a lot of emotions that come along with death. There are a lot of emotions that most people encounter when facing the idea of a death of a loved one. Once the death occurs all emotions seem to mix and normally the family is just numb for a while.

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repeat after me: i am a sexy bitch and no one ruins my 2014

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marry someone whose laughter sounds better than your favorite song

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if you want a nice body, go get it. if you want to become a lawyer, study your ass off. if you want nice hair, pick a style and get it done. stop being afraid and motivate yourself. find yourself. find your happiness, because it’s out there waiting for you.

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